About Bethany

In May 2017, I changed my Dearly Bethany platform to share my outfits of the day. I did this for an entire year on Instagram in effort to start over with my personal style. I met several other women who had the same battles with clothes that I started with...nothing fit just right, nothing matched, and everything I had was from the bargain bin. That month I started over on my closet by investing in basics, developing a color scheme, and going to the tailor.

My closet is now carefully curated, allowing me to know exactly what pieces I need for the season, and everything matches. I also am good friends with my tailor. I now share videos on YouTube regarding how to dress as a petite and how to make your closet work harder for you.

I took art classes after school since I was eight years old, and went to college for design. I fell into a job designing apps and websites and I have grown as a designer in what has become a booming industry. I met my husband Zack in design school, and we have always created things together.



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