Bethany's Complete Women's Gift Guide

I hope you love the pieces included below. These are all of the gifts that are on my wishlist, as well as some I have purchased. Hopefully this helps cross a few more names off your to-shop-for list! And don’t forget about the men in your life with Zack’s recommended men’s gift guide.

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  2. Below the collage, I broke down gifts into categories to give a few more style and price options.

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I gravitate toward minimal coats like the Madewell Monsieur Coat, but I am certainly not opposed to a cropped teddy coat or faux fur option like the Sézane Lio. When giving hats and gloves as presents, I opt for neutral shades of cashmere or soft wool like the Everlane Beanie.

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Ever since the weather changed, my feet have been so cold at all times. I’ve finally found the perfect pair of slippers from Mahabis, which has a sneaker-like sole. That is essential for people who are home all day like me who also need some support. PS, I had to put in at least one pair of Nisolos…I’ve been such a fan of the heeled Chelsea boot that I want to try the standard version.

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The Everlane Oversized Alpaca Sweater has been one of their best-sellers, which is a great hint that the recipient will love it (it’s certainly on my wishlist this year!). Clothing items can be difficult to give to someone since the fit and taste are specific, so pajamas are a safe bet. If you want to give a chic sweater, try one of the Sézane jumpers with detachable collars.

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I always have a candle burning. Candles start my day with a good mood on a quiet early morning, and accompany me while I’m reading before bed (I’m currently reading the biography Being Elvis). They can make foolproof gifts, as they are home gifts that don’t stick around forever. The Diptyque Roses candle is on my wishlist, and I keep returning to Paddywax for their clean burning options.

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I don’t allow myself to go out of the house without at least one piece of jewelry. It sounds extra, but this quick step adds a level of class to any outfit. Vrai & Oro is one of my favorite places to look for jewelry, and their thick rings are an upgrade to my everyday brass ones. I’ve also been dreaming about Estée’s new Daisy jewelry line, especially the everyday earrings.

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Zack and I have been carefully curating our apartment by choosing new pieces of furniture as well as decorations. Our living space is small, and we have been here for a while, but it has amazed us how even buying a new table lamp makes our home feel new again. Here are some of the home items that are still on our wishlist.

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Beauty and Self Care

Okay, I have a full list of beauty items coming soon, but here are just a few for now that I’ve been wanting to try. A couple of new clean beauty brands I’ve been eyeing are Goop (designed by Gwyneth Paltrow) and Caudalie’s Vinopure line.

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Hope you all found these pieces helpful with you holiday shopping! See you tomorrow with a “Children’s Gift Guide”. :)