Children's Gift Guide (Under 5 Years old)

At this stage in my life, I’m Aunt Bethany. I have two amazing nieces (an almost-seven-year-old and a one-month-old). In order to uphold my status as the cool aunt, I aim to find gifts that my nieces will love and also will not impede the home decor of the parent. Zack (aka the cool uncle) helped me find some ideas for boys as well.


The Twilight Buddies Lamb projects actual constellations around the room (I totally wish it was socially acceptable for me to have one of these). The White Sailing Ship Kite is an upgrade to a standard kite, as it looks like it’s sailing through the sky. I tried to find toys in a wide range of prices, and mostly made of wood or cloth. In the past I’ve given wooden items to teethers, depending on the polish and size.

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Zack and I had way too much fun picking these out (guess which one of us found the batman hat). Noble Carriage has classy and clever options, including this bunny hat, and the crown hat (made from soft Alpaca) reminds me of Jughead from Riverdale, tbh!

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Crate&Kids is now my go-to for beautiful children’s books. They have a copy of Madeline and this charming bio on Coco Chanel that is definitely on my to-be-read list :) . And of course, I had to include Winnie the Pooh, as they can cherish it their whole life with proper care. Just maybe hand it to the parent to put on a shelf for now.

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And that’s it! I hope that this was an inspiration. I enjoyed the challenge of finding classic gifts that bring calm and peace in a busy market. Let me know in the comments of any great brand recommendations.