Gifts & Stocking Stuffers For Women | Under $30

When I asked you guys on my Instagram for gift guides you'd like to see, gifts for women under $30 was one of the top requests. These gifts would be perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts for a coworker, and what to give a host.

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  2. Below the collage, I broke down gifts into categories to give a few more style and price options.

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Follain Clean Essentials Kit

This pouch contains 100% nontoxic & clean products. Great for a nighttime routine, and is carry-on approved for anyone traveling.

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Beauty gifts can be some of the most affordable options. You can often give three beauty gifts for the price of one gift. Likewise, you can wrap a kit and it will look big and beautiful under the tree. I'm particularly fond of the Lip Whip, Essie Gel Polish, and Eye Stones (made out of bedrock from Finland).

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Clothing, Jewelry & hair Accessories

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that everyone loves the Everlane Scoop-Neck. You can easily layer it, and the neckline works well for every body shape. Clothing and jewelry can be difficult to choose for another person, so I recommend picking easy-to-wear items that they can mix & match. The Wind Blown Jewelry Hammered Knot Ring is handcrafted for just $18, and the brand is by my friend Rachel.

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Home & Books

Start with gift wrapping The Little Book of Hygge, which gives tips on making your home cozy all year long. Put together a hygge starter kit: books, candles, and tea.

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Food and drink

Zack and I always give mint meltaways to his mom for Christmas, and I can personally recommend the wine pearls. Up your stocking stuffer candy game by including the champagne bears.

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My dad gave us an Amazon Echo Dot last year, and we use it in the morning as an alarm clock that you can dismiss with your voice. It’s also convenient to know when Amazon’s shipments arrive to your mailbox through its notifications. Plus, we play Jeopardy on it!

For family get-togethers and vacations, Zack and I bring along a film camera so that our memories don’t get lost on our phones. This oldschool Kodak camera will bring back memories.

Everyone needs a portable speaker, especially if you can personalize the color. And don’t forget a marble iPhone cover.

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Hope you liked these gift suggestions! Zack will be taking over on the next post for all of his recommendations on what to buy for men.



How to Look Taller & Slimmer in winter clothing | Petite style tips

On my YouTube channel, I've discussed how to look taller in flats as well as other summer clothing...but now that some of us have already experienced at least one snowfall this season I want to show examples of how to not feel frumpy in cozy clothing.

Note that it's about 45 degrees F here, but being that I'm cold natured I'm wearing all the layers.

Tip 1: wear Cropped Sweaters





I've been living in the Kotn cropped sweatshirts. They're warm and cozy, and I have to convince myself not to wear them to bed too.

In an effort of looking taller, cropped shirts do wonders for elongating the bottom half. I wear high-waisted bottoms, so there is minimal skin showing (a classier way to wear cropped shirts).

If the extra airflow is a concern, consider tucking in a shirt underneath that is the same color as the pants.

Tip 2: Go Monochrome


Top: Kotn Cropped Sweater | Pants: Jesse Kamm Ranger Pants | Pants: Similar | Shoes: Nisolo Chelsea Boots | Watch: Cate & Nelson | Necklaces: Pamela Card

It's no different in winter. Wearing an outfit that is one color top-to-bottom provides a longer illusion. I find this to be especially true when a coat is open, revealing the same effect as a vertical stripe.

As a design principle, a tall rectangle looks longer than two squares stacked on top of each other. It's no different with outfits.

Tip 3: Choose the right Shoes

Match Shoes to Pants

In contrast to summer's skin exposure, you have the advantage of wearing boots and exposing little to no skin. This means you can make your legs look sky-high by matching your boots to your pants.


Shoes: Nisolo Chelsea Boots

Pointed Toe

No matter the season, a pointed toe gives the optical illusion of longer legs, even with flats. The trendy square toe shoes are gorgeous, but if you want to look taller then reach for a pointed toe.


Tip 4: High-Waisted Pants & Skirts are your friend


Coat: Metaformose Mayfair Coat | Top: Kotn Turtleneck | Pants: ES Silk Pants | Shoes: Nisolo Chelsea Boots | Necklaces: Pamela Card

As hinted at earlier, high-waisted pants elongate your legs. I never buy a pair of pants without at least a 12-inch rise. Anything lower will create a cut at a wider point, causing me to seem shorter an wider.

This rule applies to skirts as well, since they usually cinch right at my waist. As a pear-shaped woman, this is a dream.


Duster: Lou & Grey Duster | Top: Kotn Cropped Sweater | Skirt: ES Bel Skirt (Red coming soon) | Shoes: Nisolo Chelsea Boots | Watch: Cate & Nelson | Necklaces: Pamela Card

Again, a cropped shirt works well here, since it can visually slim anything below it.

PS If you are a long-legged lady, then stick to mid-rise pants.

Tip 5: Avoid Bulky Fabrics at all costs

2 thick fabric layers on top

2 thick fabric layers on top

3 thin fabric layers on top

3 thin fabric layers on top

As much as I love the idea of frolicking in the snow with a thickly knit fisherman sweater, I would look like a snowman. Instead, I reach for layering a mix of thin fabrics. Examples are heavy linen, cashmere, thin wool, fine cotton, and always long underwear. Fun fact: I married someone from Wisconsin, and my first Christmas present there was long underwear. Necessities!

Tip 6: Invest in the best fitting Jacket

If you are petite like me, you have three options: buy from a petite store, buy from a made-to-order brand, or go to a tailor. Instead of owning several ill-fitting coats, invest in one of these three options.

Your winter coat is likely to be a large wardrobe investment, but think about the cost-per-wear. When I worked in a cold office, I never took my coat off. My coat was my fashion expression to the outside world (and the inside world). No one knew I spent money on the clothes inside of it.

Trenches & Long Jackets


Coat: Metaformose Taizo Coat | Pants: Everlane Cheeky Straight Ankle Jean | Shoes: Nisolo Dari Boot | Watch: Cate & Nelson

I avoid jackets that hit me around my thigh or right below my hip (this draws attention to my widest area). I would rather use long layers with a cardigan, scarf, and trench. Just don't forget the long underwear.

Try Cropped Jackets


Coat: Everlane Cropped Puffer | Pants: Everlane Cheeky Straight Ankle Jean | Shoes: Nisolo Chelsea Boots

Everlane has a new cropped puffer jacket that I wear all the time. I can run errands with a lovely casual look. Note: I could never pull off a regular puffer. The crop is a must, and I appreciate that the extra poof on top further slims and elongates my legs.

I hope these tips were helpful!